C&D Valve appreciate the lessons learned over the past 50 years. C&D Valve strives each and every day to understand their customer’s expectations and to meet them. They look forward to being your vendor of choice for all of your access fittings and related tool needs.

Quality extends beyond dependable products into all areas of meeting their customer’s needs – quick and accurate delivery, ease of doing business, and overall attention to customer service.

C& D Valve have been a industry leader in perfecting HVAC/R components and tools, and are proud to say their high quality products are American made. 

C&D Valve is proud to say that they have been manufacturing in the United States since 1967. They have been manufacturing in the United States since 1967. For over 50 years C&D Valve has provided their customers with quality built service valves.


CD2019 1/4 inch Female Flare Swivel x Schrader Valve Access Fitting
CD2038 Valve Fitting – Adaptor 3/8″ SAE Male to 1/4″ Female SAE Swivel
CD2056 1/4 SAE Male to 5/16 SAE Female Adaptor
CD2058 1/4 Female to 5/16 Male Adaptor
CD2070 1/4 SAE Core Depressor
CD2085 R410A Core Depressor
CD3815 Valve Core Torque Driver
CD3930 Valve Core Removal Tool for 1/4 Inch SAE
CD3956 Valve Core Removal Tool for 5/16 Inch SAE
CD4040 Straight Ball Valve for 1/4 SAE
CD5050 Mini Core Depressor 1/4 Inch SAE
CD5060 R410A Mini Core Depressor 1/4 Inch SAE Male, 5/16 Inch SAE Female
CD5555 Replacement O Rings for Core Removal Tools
CD9601 1/4 Inch Access Tee Male on Branch
CD9602 1/4 Inch Access Tee Connector
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